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Post and book Taskers within minutes

Get Stuff Done quickly and locally

Are you tired of ringing around and getting nowhere?

Don't Askaround, Taskaround!! Tell us about your Task. Provide us with a brief about the Task like what, where, when and a budget and we will send it to all relevant taskers. This will help us find the right tasker for the job.

Your Task will be sent to all taskers that have the experience to help you.


Sit back and wait for Offers

Our smart technology will match your Task with Taskers and you can sit back and wait for replies. Once you find a Tasker you like, simply accept their bid and arrange a time for Task to start. Thats it!! Simple

Get anything done.

Find designers, photographers, tradesmen, babysitters. Taskers is a marketplace for all trades not just online

Just sign up. Post a Task and chat directly with our Taskers

Step 1

Choose a Category. Fill in the details and Post. e.g. Paint two rooms approx budget €100

Wait for offers

Chat directly with our Taskers and only when your happy Accept their Bid.

Are you a Start up or a small business and dont want the headache of direct hire

Looking for Temporary Help or a once off job?

Sign up. Post what you need. 8 hours every Saturday or Deep clean for 3 bed house. Anything. Browse profiles and make contact or wait for offers.

We handle all the payments and paper work.

Are you a consumer and need help with something.

Looking for a gardener, cleaner, website, photographer, man with a van, homecook, pick up some groceries, anything. We have over 20 categories that we have Taskers for.

Just Post Wait and Accept.



For Taskers its a new way to work. Work when you want.

Signing up as a Tasker will allow you receive alerts to all tasks that are posted in your chosen category and location instantly as soon as they are posted. Its a NO WIN NO FEE way to find jobs. No subscriptions just a small commission fee of 10% on completed jobs.

For Taskers Join the Freelancer revolution and work when you want

Find Jobs on a NO win NO Fee basis

Sign up as a Tasker Put together a nice Profile Choose your categories Choose your Working location Choose Your rates

Wait For alerts on new tasks

Wait for Tasks to arrive Make a fair bid Add a note on why your perfect Chat directly with users

Get paid directly with Paypal

We handle all the payments We send out receipts and invoices Once task completed we pay you We only take 10% commission.

Just Like Neighbouroo we deal with local!!

I set up Taskers just like Neighbouroo to help small businesses and freelancers find work in this time of crisis. Its all about community. Taskers is a platform that connects Irish freelancers to members that need work done. It can be anything like a simple logo, part time staff, a courier and even a bouncy castle. Think of Taskaround as a digital golden pages to find whatever service you need. Post, Wait, Accept. Done !!!

CEO Ben Keohane